Company “Lagi” was founded in 2001; there was built a lemonade factory, which began to produce a large assortment of products, lemonades, made of natural beverage of fruits. “Lagi” Ltd is producing high qualitative product with individual and unique recipes. Nowadays the company provides 8 kinds of products to Georgian market; also it offers 8 kinds of beverages made by company specialists; they are made with old Georgian traditional and new individual recipes. The company “Lagi” is exporting its products from 2003. The first export products were exported to Russia, Moscow. They were 6 kinds of beverages in polyethylene bottles 0.49 L: “Lemon”, “Tarragon”, “Pear”, “Orange”, “Peach” and “Isabella”. 2004 – in Moscow; 2005 – in Sochi; 2005 – in Azerbaijan; 2005 – in North America, Canada, Toronto; 2005 – in Armenia; 2006 – in the Ukraine; 2007 – in Kazakhstan